Mr. 碧玉张, 亚马逊日本总裁兼yb体育网页版监事会名誉成员, 他在6月2日的yb体育网页版毕业典礼上发表了毕业演讲, 2019, 品川王子酒店.






下午好. 我想让您知道我有多么感激能有这个机会与您交谈. 祝贺今天所有的毕业生. 你现在已经准备好创造你自己设计的生活和事业了. 你拥有它,伟大的,好的,坏的. The world is wide open, and there is an overabundance of opportunities for you to grab. 所以,请大胆尝试吧!

当我像你一样从我的本科工程学位毕业的时候, 我不清楚自己想要设计和过什么样的生活. 那时我在香港, and I was making plans to leave the place where I was born and move to Toronto in Canada, 因为即将到来的权力交接将在10年后发生. 与此同时, I wanted to be playful and decided to just see how far I could go in landing what were deemed the hardest and most desired jobs by conventional wisdom. And I really had nothing to lose, and for that matter, nothing much to gain neither. 并不是真的想要得到一份工作, 我记得我当时侃侃而谈, 回答问题而不是试图找到正确的答案, 而是用我想要表达的方式来回答. I talked about what I knew, and interested in, and what I didn’t know and not interested in. 然后, 奇迹发生了:一个接一个, 我发现银行给我提供了这些工作, 贸易公司和许多其他公司.


能够自由地表达自己. 我是如何获得加入P的机会的&G在加拿大, when the calculus of relevant education and work experience would have and probably should have failed me; how I was given the opportunity to join and lead Amazon in 日本, 成功的几率是未知的, and many other examples in my life follow a very similar and simple underlying reasoning. 自由地表达自己,这样我的想法和方法就能被理解. 当道德罗盘就位的时候, 我用一些原则来设计和指导我的生活, 我的表情变成了我自己, 这就是我个人的领导力, 个人思想领导力. 但情况并非一直如此. There was a period I was really lost, and confused, as I did not even know that I was lost. I felt like I had achieved a few milestones in my career, and I felt like I have to protect myself. 我开始谨慎地考虑我职业生涯的下一步该怎么走. I was trying to figure out the magic formula, the shortest paths, and the calculus. Designing my life became a very heavy task, and I lost my ability to express myself. Personal thought leadership turned into complaints about what’s missing and what’s not happening, 我把责任推给别人, 沦为这样那样的受害者没有机会这样那样, 或者生活就是不公平.

毕业生, 我相信你会经历很多不同的经历, 但你会有公平的份额. 坚持自己的方向,看穿杂音,找到真实的自己. 给它空间来表达你自己. 你的领导力会以超乎你想象的方式展现出来. 惊人的结果随之而来.

到目前为止,我在4个城市生活过,在3家不同的公司工作过. 还记得我提到的第一个工作机会吗? Well, I ended up taking one of them in Hong Kong, and postponed my move to Canada, for a year. 然而, 我脑子里总有个声音在说, 你为什么要放弃一份人人都想要的工作, 看看, 别把船弄乱了, 你的生活也会得到照顾. 幸运的是, 有一天我清醒了,觉得世界远不止一座城市那么大, 去一个大国真的可以帮助我成长. 所以我放弃了我所经历的一切, 其实并没有那么多, 但那是我的全部. I went to stay with a friend in Toronto, sharing a room not larger than 20 sq meters. 我从无到有开始设计和建造我的生活. 最初的艰难最终变成了一段美好的经历. 我在体育工作的时候完成了我的MBA&G, 一直爱着我所在的国家, 更多地了解如何经营伟大的企业, how to use principles to make decisions and learning from some of the best people at work and at school. I also learned about sharing passion with fellow Canadians from hockey to baseball, politics and economics and felt like that I had the oversize of Canada to grow into.

但加拿大却成了我生命中的一个短暂点. 1995年,我和P&G, 首先降落在神户市, where the Hanshin earthquake shook the city and killed thousands of only three months prior to my arrival. I moved again to 东京 in 2000, in order to join an unknown outfit called Amazon 日本.


The one thing that threaded these discontinuous changes in my life has been following my passion and the ability to take what one might consider as large risks in my career. 我还记得当我告诉几个朋友我要去日本亚马逊的时候, one of them said to me ‘you are probably one of the last people going to a dot com company.还有人说,你放弃作为一名外籍人士的所有津贴是愚蠢的. My most respected mentor advised me about Amazon saying ‘I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.“但我的热情告诉我,互联网将改变世界, 我也想参与其中. 同样重要的是,当我在亚马逊遇到一些人, 他们都表现出了创造历史的热情, 创新以及我从未体验过的客户. 我对自己说,我要参与其中. 就建议而言, 尽管他的本意是好的, 我很高兴他们是错的. 但即使他们是对的, 即使亚马逊日本被证明是一个巨大的失败, 这是值得冒的风险. 还记得, risks associated with such discontinuous changes are typically way over- analyzed and overly emphasized. When I start looking at the things that don’t change, I saw risks completely differently. 例如,我知道我的技能不会因为一次失败的机会而消失. 他们只会变得更强大. 此外,还要考虑更长的时间框架, 我可以花时间修改,适应和改变, 感知到的风险将进一步降低. 只要我不断培养自己的技能,风险就几乎为零.

It pains me when I read that many graduates in 日本 put high priority in their job search on such factors as stability and certainty. 我担心这样的思维模式不会创造创新, 对社区没有重大贡献, 对这个国家来说.

毕业生, 我指望你带来改变, 通过创新创造颠覆, and take risks at a personal level so your personal leadership can shine and inspire others to do the same. Today we have over 6,000 employees in 日本 and we continue to bring in new leaders at large numbers. We have been very lucky to be regarded as a workplace that graduates would highly consider. 我最大的恐惧, 然而, 毕业生被亚马逊吸引是因为yb体育网页版规模大吗, 因为yb体育网页版已经站稳脚跟,也许yb体育网页版不会失败. 这些都不是真的,yb体育网页版也不希望它是真的. yb体育网页版需要能够带来改变的领导人, 对yb体育网页版的使命保持热情, 要知道,他们的个人领导力将塑造公司的未来.

在最近的一个招待会上,yb体育网页版欢迎大学毕业生加入yb体育网页版的公司, one of them came up to me and asked me ‘What do you think as essential to be a great leader,我告诉了他这些. 当你把别人的幸福放在自己之前, 当你把它放在生活的首要位置, 当你很少考虑你能得到什么, you will excel in personal leadership far greater than if you care about your own self first. 你又不是不关心自己的健康, 你当然知道, 但我认为对于伟大的领导者来说, you don’t consider a job well done until you know that you have made contributions to the well-being of others.

在我的生活和职业生涯中, I came to learn that pursuing an objective far bigger than myself creates the true passion for my work. Putting others’ needs before your own can be seen in a mission statement for a company like Amazon, yb体育网页版的使命是成为地球上最以客户为中心的公司. 这项任务本身就是测试音调,而且没有终点. I started really learning about the importance of servicing others at a personal level after arriving in 日本. 从我在机场被出租车司机迎接的方式, 我看到一家大旅馆的门卫真诚地帮我进去, I was so truly inspired to the extent that I actually wanted to be that doorman just to experience it. 我也知道,能够为数量庞大且不断增长的选民服务, 是yb体育网页版自己公司的员工, yb体育网页版服务的家庭和数百万客户, 我个人的领导力需要的不仅仅是激情. Leadership must be supported by substance, with a strong set of skills and knowledge base. All of you just finished years of honing in on specific skills and thought processes and you have all great skills to offer to contribute to this world. 把它当作学习之旅的开始,而不是结束. 让学习成为你的热情所在. 无论做什么事,都要把学习作为一个目标, 当你处理一项平凡的任务时, 或者和某人进行一场激动人心的谈话. Keep your very high level of curiosity so you can always challenge your own sets of paradigm in forming your own mental models, 什么可能,什么不可能. 在亚马逊, yb体育网页版用原则来帮助做决定, 而是在建立信条方面, yb体育网页版总是把这句话放在括号里:除非你知道更好的说法. 昨天真正有效的东西今天可能不是真的或有效的. We improve as we learn, but we only innovate when we make changes and break paradigms. 让学习成为你的创新之路.

第一天是亚马逊的一个术语,yb体育网页版用来提醒自己要谦逊, 是客户着迷, 和创新. 第二天是堕落之路的开始,最终是死亡. Make everyday Day 1 in this journey of building your life and a career of your own design. Focus on the fundamentals, so you know what the substance you want to build over a long term. 关注别人, 所有的成分, 你的客户, 所以你的伟大带来的好处, 来自你的创新和灵感. 把他们的利益放在自己的利益之前,你的伟大就会发光. Find your own voice, so you express freely and your personal leadership becomes you. 永远是第一天,做一个充满激情的学习者.

创造奇迹吧,因为你注定是伟大的. 谢谢,祝贺你们.